Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's Here!

My Kromski FINALLY arrived. It was supposed to be here last Friday, but after the box hit Houston, it disappeared for three days. I called the nice people at Paradise Fiber and they initiated a package trace. UPS system got jogged loose and it finally showed up again... in Colorado! It took it this long to wend its way back from near-oblivion. The newbie delivery guy (20 if he was a day, and not my usual delivery man) was probably a little pissed off that I made him wait while I inspected it to see if it was damaged, but if you'd seen this:

you'd have made his behind wait also. Not to mention I was a little ticked off at the kid since I was supposed to have gotten three other packages yesterday, and he tried to slack off by saying I was not available to sign for it. I am home all day, every day, and usually knitting about three feet from my apartment door. I was home, and nobody knocked. He just didn't want to schlep my case of plastic wrap up a flight of stairs. The college kids had better learn fast that they can't pull that kind of slacker crap on my route, because I'll call their supervisor every freaking time. Ahem. Anyhoo...

Here's the baby in its plastic wrap fresh out of the bag.

After reading the setup directions (which were pretty simple since it's just folded into the carry bag) and installing the scotch tension eyehooks, etc. I had a little trouble getting it to where I wanted it tension wise. I'd read the instructions several billion times and the mother of all doesn't adjust up and down as easy as they make it sound. But that's another blog... :D

Anyhow, here's my new baby, all set up and looking pretty. I'm happier with the walnut finish than I thought I'd be. And I can definitely see the TV over her. :D My first wheel-spun yarn will be tomorrow's blog.

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