Sunday, May 17, 2009

I don't know what I was thinking

When I started my weaving project, I knew that warping my rigid heddle loom would be my least favorite part of the process. So I made sure that I put enough warp on the loom to do six placemats at once.

Now I'm halfway through placemat #2 and I'm sick of the project. I want to move on to something else, but I don't want to waste all that warp. So the project has been sitting while I do other things, like knit the Sipalu bag from Knitpicks.

My selvages are improving with each placemat, so I should be happy with my progress. Unfortunately, I never could justify spending the $110 dollars on the stand for my loom, so it is stuck on my dyeing table. There is no way to use it on my lap, since I went with the 36" loom. I mean... $110 dollars for fancy sticks and a few bolts! I'm about this close to asking hubby to use a Home Depot gift card he got to go buy me some PVC pipe or dowels and some bolts, and I make my own.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer is coming...

My slow season is approaching. Gee, why wouldn't anyone want piles of wool in their lap when it's 110 degrees outside?

As I was cleaning out my freezer yesterday, I decided to make room for the ice bucket and cube trays. As I was filling the ice cube trays with water, I caught myself running the High School Musical 2 song/riff through my head... the one that goes "Summer... summer... summer" all chanty and expectant.

I'm not usually one who's anxiously awaiting the summer months. Even in Minnesota where the summers are noticably cooler than here in Texas, I hated summer. It was hot and sticky, hard to get to sleep, and just generally not fun. I mean, sure, there was no school, but then my grandmother who raised me was a teacher, and we tended to go on trips a lot. At the time I really hated them, because my books and things were at home, and I had to go drive for days to see yet another "interesting" rock formation. Mt. Rushmore was cool, but the South Dakota badlands were a little boring to a 12 year old kid.

I think it's a shame that when I *did* travel, I was too young to appreciate it. Now that I have the perspective to see some of the natural wonders of our country for what they are, I don't have the money or the time to enjoy them.

I think this is why video cameras were invented. This summer when we make a trip up to Minnesota to see my grandparents, I think I'll be shooting lots of video.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hilarity ensues

I've never seen the original commercial, but this is hysterical...

And this is terribly cute and makes me nostalgic: