Thursday, August 6, 2009

Did I mention...?

I had dental surgery a week ago. Nothing major... just something I'd put off for a while. Today I get to have my stitches taken out... whoopee.

Ironically, I feel worse today than I did two days after my procedure. This always happens when I'm on a long course of anti-biotics... towards the end, even the good bacteria have given up and strange things start happening to my mucus membranes, mostly in the nose and throat. I won't gross you out with the details, but I'm glad my last one was last night. Now I'll be scarfing yogurt and attempting to bring everything back into balance.

The blankets are proceeding apace. I ran into a minor glitch in the wool one when I didn't have enough of one color to finish a panel, so I concentrated on the cotton one for a while. Now the situation is reversed. I'm trying really hard to use this as an opportunity to destash, but these projects don't seem to want to let me do so.

On the horizon after the blankets, I have a crap-ton of projects I want to do, mainly because of my recent purchase of this book, French Girl Knits This is the first book in a long time that I want to make EVERY SINGLE PROJECT in it. It's insane... like I don't want to knit enough things already. I feel like a knitter's version of Julie and Julia

I'm contemplating whether to start with the (Ravelry links follow) Wrenna Leather Laced Cardigan or the Cybele Vest. I have the yarn for both. I have the notions and needles for both. They both look like really fast knits. Decisions, decisions....

I *do* want to knit a couple of things before I embark on such a journey. My uncle Doug, with his large feet, diabetes, and allergy to wool, needs custom socks. Barronius is still carping on (ha ha) about his lack of a fish hat. And I do need to make myself a decent coat for this winter, as taking Monkey Pants down to the bus stop can rival the snow storms in Minnesota. Seriously. It snowed here last year, and the wind chill makes it dangerously frigid. What *will* I knit next? Stay tuned... :D

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