Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Knitting: Girasole and Lanesplitter Knocked out!

In a finishing frenzy, I knocked out both the Girasole blanket and Lanesplitter skirt this past week.  Just in time, as the voting for the Ravelry "True Blood" knitting group's season four Knit Along has finished.  The Vlad shawl won (which was not my pick... I have trouble figuring out what to do with shawls).  And because I am contrary by nature, I will be knitting it twice... once immediately with some yarn I dyed myself that turned out less-than-stellar, and once in some lovely Twisted Fiber Arts Arial in the "Warlock" colorway, which is uniquely appropriate for the coming season of True Blood.  Witches.  Yep.

I actually started the practice Vlad yesterday, and it is a surprisingly simple pattern for a charted shawl.  Short charts, repeated several times, nice clean lines of YO's and k2tog ridges.  Pictures will be coming soon.  My photo area is once again buried in the crap that my family feels compelled to drop onto any horizontal surface with nothing on it.  It makes me want to put hedgehogs on the surfaces I want to be kept clear.   :D  Or cacti.

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