Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Knitting: Good Grief!

I started going through every single bit of my stash of yarn yesterday, trying to get a sense of what I have, what's been entered into my stash tracker on Ravelry, and to get an idea of what to take along with me on my car trip to and from Gramma's house this year.

Holy Guacamole.

I found two sampler bags of sock yarn and a sampler bag of lace weight yarn from Knit Picks that was never entered into the tracking system.  Yet another reason why boycotting them is a good idea for me.  I'll tack on a skein or two of sock yarn to my order since it's cheap, and now... I have an entire 50 quart plastic bin of just the *pretty* sock yarn.  And NONE of it was entered into the tracking system.  So I file it away in a bin, and promptly forget about it.

Well, I've entered it all into the system now.

So needless to say, the rest of my 2011 knitting year is going to consist of a combination of severe yarn diet and stash-busting projects.  I had several sock-weight projects in my queue already, but I'm going to add on a Many Colors Swirl Coat which uses eight different color skeins of yarn in addition to the Strata  Sphere Swirl coat I'd been planning to make to use up some of the Noro yarn I have that has that god-awful Mohair in it.

We're still trying to save for a house, although if we're moving this year, it looks like it might be to just a different apartment instead.  We'll have to see.  So it won't hurt to just sock away my "allowance" for a few months, and I certainly won't be hurting for yarn.

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