Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Knitting: Chugging away

Still plodding along on the Tempest sweater for my daughter.  I finished the back and am about halfway through the left front.  It's going very slowly because a) I've been distracted by other crafting disciplines and b) I find it hard to get excited about my knitting project if I'm not excited about the TV I'm watching while I knit.

Sure, there are new shows on, now that the new seasons have started, but half of them I have to save until the rest of the family can watch them with me.  And an episode or two isn't enough to get much done.  So then I'm stuck with the old stuff on Netflix.  Like... "That 70's Show".  Ugh.

Don't judge me.  I've pretty much watched everything else.

I've found that the nice thing about sculpting (one of the distractions) is that I do NOT require TV in the background to work on a piece.  I'm currently working on a 12" Cthulhu figure for my husband to put on his desk.  I was going to save it for Christmas, but it's hard to hide that kind of project in this tiny place.

I'll post about the other things I'm working on later this week.

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