Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Knitting: Work and Television

I mostly consider the fiber arts as my job... knitting, weaving, crochet, dyeing fabric and yarn and roving, etc.  I've knit items on consignment (hellooooo fish hat!) dyed and knit items on spec and posted them on my Etsy shop, pretty much anything related to yarn and fiber, I've probably done it.

However, like any job, you have optimal working conditions, good days, bad days, and everything in between.  I like a relatively quiet working environment when it comes to the neighbors;  no tromping up and down the stairs, no arguing about who stole whose makeup out of each other's purses right under my window, that kind of thing.

However, I do not like absolute silence.  I like my brain to be engaged with an interesting story as I go.  The mental counting that knitting or crochet involves is not enough.  I like good TV.  New stories I haven't seen before aren't essential, but they are helpful.  If I can quote the zingier one-liners right before the actor does, I've seen it too many times.

But here's my dilemma... despite the crapton of excellent content on Netflix, I have pretty much seen everything I would want to see.  I've gone back to old shows I watched as a child (Buck Rogers), I've caught up on new shows I thought looked interesting but conflicted with my schedule (Drop Dead Diva, a very cute show that's like "Legally Blonde" meets "Heaven Can Wait"), but the pickings are starting to get pretty thin on the ground.  I've actually queued up Ally McBeal.  Yes, really.  It's that, or the thirtieth National Geographic documentary I've watched, like, Giant Squid or something.

I can only go through the Stargate or Star Trek series so many times.  Burn Notice and Doctor Who are reserved for watching with other members of the family.  I finished the entire Monk series last month.  CSI: NY is on hold while I catch up with back-seasons I missed, and I'm so far behind on CSI (the original) that it's not even funny.  I watched a few with Laurence Fishburne before I fell behind and now I hear they've replaced Grissom's position yet AGAIN.  WTH?  Anyway, that's how far behind I am there.  And NONE of the CSI shows are on Netflix.

So, like I said... I'm looking for new series to watch while I work.  If you have any suggestions, throw them in the comments section.  And since we gave up cable before Christmas, try to stick to Netflix selections, or stuff that can be watched through Amazon Prime.  However, Amazon Prime has a horrible browsing interface, so if it's available on both, please mention that.

Thanks a bunch folks!

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  1. I just finished Brothers and Sisters from Netflix streaming. I really enjoyed that series and there are a lot of episodes on there. I also like to watch while I knit, otherwise I get sleepy.