Monday, May 21, 2012

HtH: A Few Weeks Later...

I don't have much to report, because we still haven't closed on the house.  The repairs are done, but apparently the assessor's office is swamped, though our agent says that we're still on target for signing on the last day of May.

All I can show you for right now is the growth progress of the plants (or lack thereof).

The tray of seeds that I started, now that I removed the larger type plants and replanted those pods.  A very nice bunch of cherry tomato seedlings on the left.  I have two columns of parsley, a column of dill, habanero, one lonely beet plant that was the only sprout of the column, and columns of sage, thyme, and oregano.  Germination was kind of spotty.  Nowhere near what I expected, except for the beets, which were really experimental and not meant for transplant anyway.

The cucumber vines.  They shot up, and then stopped.  They're kind of yellow, and something nibbled on a leaf of one before I noticed and went in with the kelp spray.  I'm thinking they should have been transplanted a while ago, but I don't have the yard yet.  They are trailing very long roots out into the tray.

The bean plant, and two pea plants.  They are doing very nicely.  The bean has several flowers already, and the peas are reaching out with their grippy little curly-q tendrils.  I hope everything can hang on until we close on the house and take possession.

The black planter has all of my survivor tomato plants... as in, these were planted a year ago and survived the winter on the balcony.  Interestingly, there is a new tomato plant in the pot, along with the original survivor.  No fruit dropped on that soil last year, and it was transplanted out of its original situation, so it's not an old seed that sprouted.  That's just really weird if it's sending shoots up from the roots.  I'll see what's going on when I go to transplant at the house.

Oh, and I got the name wrong last time... this planter/system was made by *Fertile Earth* and not Simple Earth.  It *is* the Simple Garden starter kit though, so it's just my brain rearranging things again.  I've pinched back the basil once, and you can see the survivor tomato is trying to steal the FE tomato's sunlight.

Here you can see my bay laurel.  The extra shoot is thriving nicely and sending up new green leaves since I pruned it back.  I stuck the trimming branch into the other side of the pot, but it doesn't seem to be rooting, more's the pity.  I didn't have rooting hormone, so there you go.    You can barely see the chives at the lower left, and the rosemary is still chugging along in the upper middle/right.

I can't wait to report on garden stuff from the house!  I am having throat surgery tomorrow, so I may be silent again until we actually close, because recovery for a woman my age is typically two weeks, though I'll be doing it at home, and it should only be knocking me flat for the first week or so.

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