Monday, July 2, 2012

HtH: Insect City

Well it's a good thing I did the easy care bag garden from my gardening book, otherwise I would be screwed.  A cloud of mosquitoes has descended on our house, blocking all exits, and generally making life very unpleasant.  I make two (very quick) trips through the garden, morning and night, and that's all I could manage.  I think my ankles haven't swelled this much since I was pregnant with Caitlin, only now it's some kind of mass attack through my socks.  Anyhoo, no real weeding needed yet, although the planting mix in the bags must have contained some kind of mushroom spoor, because they've popped up every morning so far.  I go kick them over, they pop right back.

This is the garden three days ago, post-planting.  I have not gotten new pictures since the peas and cucumbers came up (in the bags with a trellis), but I will be braving the cloud of insects later.  In the top picture, the five bags have my tomato plants, and the top four bags have my habanero peppers.  If I ever get a peach tree, I want to be ready to make my habanero-peach hot sauce.  It's deadly, but delicious.  Plus the big guy likes pickled peppers on everything... so lets try something a little hotter than a jalapeno and see where that takes us.

And one important photo...

My new fridge.  Sigh.  I did not know it had its own built-in water filter... and that makes me love it even more.  We had to take off pieces of trim and baseboard to fit it in the space, and I don't even care.

Edited to add:


Snap Peas

Scarlet Runner Beans


  1. Oh my that refrigerator is a sight of gloriousness!

    And your garden looks amazing! Tell those insects to go away!

    1. OMG that fridge... words cannot express how awesome it is. It is possibly the shiniest, newest, most expensive thing I have ever owned, lol, and I have zero regrets. When I went to take the additional photos, the skeeters were not as bad as previous days... only a couple of bites instead of the mob I usually got. And we have ordered a bug zapper. ;)