Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Garden Woes and Hope of Spring

After my previous post five months ago, a few things happened.

One, more blossoms appeared on my pepper plant, and quite a few ended up fruiting, so that was not the last pepper of the season.  As a matter of fact, I just picked the last tiny pepper off the plant four days ago and sauteed it for topping an Italian sausage I had for dinner.

Two, I planted my cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflower... however the dogs didn't like this arrangement and dug most of them up for me.  So no sauerkraut from the garden, though there will be a nice, big, beautiful hardware cloth fence around the beds soon, as I've ordered my plants for this summer's garden and the dogs also made a hole in the chain-link fence, so when we picked up the repair materials for that, it was quite easy to get the other stuff.  It was practically on the same shelf.

Three, I have shifted my blogging focus.  A nice gardening blog is all well and good, but not when the author is a craptastic gardener.  The dog fiasco didn't help much.  So I've started an additional blog over at Knitter's Media Reviews to focus on movie, television, and book reviews with an eye for recommendations for fellow knitters and crocheters who like to have something running on the TV while they work.  I will still be posting my personal journal-style posts here, but they will probably be much less frequent on average.

I know, I haven't posted in four months, and you're wondering how I could possibly post *less* than that, but I did say "average".  Over there I'm trying for a consistent five posts a week.  Here I've posted 482 posts at an average of 5.75 posts per month (I started this thing back in 2008, can you believe it?!?)

Anyway... I'm not hitting new movies very often, but I am working my way through the Netflix and Amazon Prime catalogs in a fairly regular fashion.  I review mostly independent, action, sci-fi/fantasy, and rom-coms that strike me as interesting or have someone I like in them, but they're usually on the older side.  Come check it out and see if my taste is the same as yours... and if it is you may find a hidden gem or avoid a real clunker.

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