Friday, July 1, 2016

Wow... Hey! Long time no write...

My grandmother who raised me passed away in the last few days of 2015, and it's been a maelstrom of feelings and activities here ever since.  I have flown to Minnesota twice since then, and boy has that process changed since I last flew 20 years ago.

My youngest has graduated from High School.

I am now in the process of purchasing a house in Minnesota and will be moving in a month.  This has been a long time coming over the last four years, so do not be concerned that I am making great sweeping changes in my grief.  Believe me, this was overdue.

Where I am moving I will no longer be on satellite internet service with its monthly bandwidth cap.  Hallelujah!  Hopefully this will translate to more frequent posts to all my blogs (yes plural).  Especially to my movie review blog since viewing and posting can become a daily thing, any time of the day I wish (for a change).

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