Friday, December 5, 2008

Here's the deal...

I don't believe I've told the story of how I started dyeing yarn. There was this Etsy seller whom I liked very much... she had great base yarn, great colors, and was friendly (and hard-working). Unfortunately, her stuff was in such demand that I could very, very rarely buy any! If I logged in on payday, her shop was empty. If I saved money on the off-chance there would be an update, items would jump out of my cart while inputting my payment information! It became a clicking contest, one where shoppers who clicked the fastest got the prize of yarn.

So I started dyeing my own roving, and later yarn. While I do not have the same flair for color as this other seller, I am very happy with a new creative outlet. However, I remember why I started dyeing in the first place, and try not to give my customers a reason to give up on me. :D

I received shipment on 120 ounces of undyed roving this afternoon, so expect new (and hopefully as exciting for you as they are for me) products in the Etsy shop very soon!

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