Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm from Minnesota...

This morning was freaking cold. Like the title suggests, I *know* cold very well. Today's weather is worse, though, because this biting, sleety wind is so unexpected in the gulf coast Texas area. I have never been so glad to be a knitter! Just dip into the sack of hats, scarves and gloves and away you go. Saved our bacon this morning, and a few other kids' at the school bus stop. One poor kid had a busted zipper, and a very nice lady (not me) gave him a hoodie to wrap around his front. Had I thought that far ahead, I would have done the same. He was miserable.

On to the fibery goodness...

My fiber dyeing has been reinvigorated, partly by purchasing 120 ounces of blank "canvas" and partly by the unexpected (and semi-delightful) discovery of about 40 ounces of merino/tencel fiber that I had "organized" right out of sight and out of mind. It was neatly wound into four ounce balls and stored in a box... that promptly got buried behind many other boxes.

I say it's a semi-delightful discovery, because on the one hand it's practically like getting free fiber. I mean, I didn't know I had it last week, and now I do. It's like a gift. A gift given by forgetfulness, but still a gift, you know? On the other hand... I know why it was forgotten. I *hate* dyeing tencel blends. Hate, hate, hatey hate. Once it gets wet, it likes to fall apart and *cling* to everything. And of course I have to charge more for it because I can only sell about 50% of what I dye, because the unsellable half has disintigrated in the dye process, or fallen into too many pieces (I won't send out fiber that isn't continuous unless it's on purpose, like in the Duo sets). But what does come out is so *beautiful* and lustrous, it almost makes it worth it. Two of my new shop offerings are tencel braids, so you can judge for yourself.

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