Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Knitting and Crochet: Lafayette complete, on to Girasole

The "Lafayette" afghan is finally complete.  Well, technically I have two more single crochet rows around the entire blanket for it to be considered finished, but I'm not doing it in this heat.  I have the yarn, I have the hooks, it's good for now.

I've started in on Jared Flood's "Girasole" shawl/blanket pattern in the blanket sizing.  I'm using the crap-ton of "Hot Rod Heather" sock yarn I bought on sale.  It's DK weight, but the pattern calls for worsted-weight yarn to achieve the blanket proportions needed, so I may have to add an extra pattern repeat or something to make sure I don't end up with a very sturdy doily.  I am well into Chart D and it's only about two feet across, though it's hard to tell while it's scrunched up on a circular needle.  There are only two charts left to go.  I'm contemplating re-repeating the zig-zag of D... I like the feel of it, and it's a pretty simple four-stitch repeat.  I'm just not sure what it would do to the even-ness of the blanket's circular shape.  I'm thinking of putting some kind of increase series between the two sets of zig-zags, but that might just look silly.

I think before I decide anything, I may need to put it on another, larger circular needle that will really stretch it out, let me see what it's doing.  I don't want subsequent increase rounds making it look like it's ruffled, or the added zig-zag looking stretched out.  We'll see.

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  1. I love both projects! Way to go on finishing the afghan. I really need to get into crocheting more because I love the look of crocheted afghans even over knitted ones. :)