Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crochet: The Lafayette

I have been working, off and on, on a replica of the afghan Lafayette uses in the show "True Blood".  My colors are way off, but I wasn't going for authenticity... just the granny-made, homespun feel of it.  When I design my own afghans on the fly, they are usually too small.  This one seems sized for a twin bedspread.

I have finished all the squares, and have made all the lengthwise strips of squares, but only halfway through joining the strips together, I am down to my last skein of black.  The Knit Picks black Swish is my nemesis, as I've posted before.  They never seem to keep it in stock, and the wait time is usually two months or more.  They *really* need to find a manufacturer with a shorter turn-around time.  Fortunately it is now back in stock, I just have to wait for payday.  Hopefully it won't be out of stock by the time I can order it.  I not only need more to join all the squares, but I need enough for a double crochet border around the rectangle of joined squares in all four colors. 

I ordered the pink and the blue several months ago, but the black (geeze, it's black... it's going to sell, ORDER EXTRA for pete's sake) and the yellow were out of stock at the time.

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