Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Knitting: Winter is Coming

Not just a line from the explosively popular show "Game of Thrones", winter truly is coming.  And I'm behind on my knitting... again.

I'm currently involved in a knit-along (or KAL for the uninitiated) with a group of gals from the Ravelry website who are "Game of Thrones" fans.  We choose three thematically appropriate items to knit and try to get them done by September 19th.  I forget why that date is important.  Hmm.

My three projects are the Clapo-ktus shawl, the Sylvi coat, and a Catkin shawl.  I had intended to finish the Clapo-ktus for my class reunion dinner almost two weeks ago, but it took me about a week longer than anticipated.  Mostly this was because I did not knit as much in the car on the way up there as I thought I would, nor did I knit as much sitting around visiting with my grandmother as I thought I would.  That woman is close to 90 years old, and she never sits still.

However, I did finish it.  I started in on the Sylvi coat before I'd even left for my trip, and gotten one sleeve finished.  I cast the second sleeve on in the car on the way home (181 miles into Iowa, if memory serves, because that's where I finished the Clapo-ktus), finished that sleeve in about four hours, and cast on for the back.  That lasted me the rest of the way home.

I have about twice as much of the back done now as when this picture was taken.  Bulky yarn is wonderful if you want something done fast!  I love that leaf detailing.  I have gotten past the first flower on the back, and I hope I am interpreting the directions properly about the flower petals.  In the pictures they look much larger than the area that is marked for the picked up stitches.

I hauled the Catkin all the way to Minnesota and back, and I never once unzipped the bag.  :/  The chart for that is just too intricate, and since I was using magnets to mark my place, I could just see jumping out of the car in Kansas for a rest stop and dropping something vital or losing my place by knocking the magnet askew.  No thank you.  I knit to DE-stress.

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