Friday, November 18, 2011

Knitting: A Little Late

Well I'm a few days late for my normal Wednesday knitting post, but I think you'll agree it's a neat edition.

The Lusekofte sweater is finally done.  The instructions on KnitPick's pattern for the collar and facing were a little unclear... what I had following their instructions looked nothing like the pictures.  No, correct that... the collar was fine, it was the steeked neck slash above the placket with the initials.  Basically I took it upon myself to pick up and knit the whole thing, doing the main part before putting on the collar, then going back and picking up stitches from the wrong side (creating a "turning" row without the purling) and knitting the facing.  Worked out great, and will make a stable foundation for the three clasp closures I've had since I started this project last year.

Also, I'm very glad that I used the last row of the cuff bands to pick up and knit on the cuff facing, as I think I ended up with a much neater result than sewing it down later with a mattress stitch.  I still think the pattern should have been written more traditionally, with the occasional white dots in the body of the sweater, as the feel of the fabric between the cuffs, shoulders, and body of the sweater is quite different, and expect my midriff will be cold by comparison with the colorwork sections.  Oh well, at least it fits well, and looks very professional.  Finally, one of the few sweaters I put a ton of work into that I actually think I can bear to wear.

I would like to see a wedgewood blue version of this.  If I'm ever in the mood for something intricate and complex again (figure the odds!) I might have to make one.

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