Sunday, July 20, 2014

Coin Purses

My latest obsession is hand embroidery.  I have suddenly gotten on this kick of making these tiny coin purses.  Two things I discovered while making these:  one, transferring a pattern onto black cloth is not easy, even with a light pad that shines brighter than the sun and two, a thimble is a very necessary thing when stitching through two layers of fabric, a layer of stabilizer, and a layer of padding material.  Especially when stitching at a weird angle, like the frames create when attaching them.  I broke a needle at the eye at one point.  :(

Not a beauty shot.

These are mostly prototypes at this point.  It's difficult to find a working pattern for the *exact* purse frame you've purchased... there are dozens of sizes and types.  Some square, some arched, two inch, three inch, etc.  And a lot of "tutorials" out there basically tell you to trace the frame and wing it on the rest.  So very helpful (!)

But I do like the amount of time it takes me to make one (if I keep myself in gear and not take an antihistamine nap in the middle of the workday) because I can finish one in about a day.  That includes all embroidery prep, turning seams and stitching into the frame.

These little motifs are from the new book "Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection".  I like the book for the most part, especially that it includes a CD with all the motifs on it so you don't have to break the spine photocopying it for a transfer, but it's a little difficult to find a motif if you're looking for something specific.  It was hard to find the Matryoshka dolls when they're in the "Fairy Tales" section.  And I have no idea how to spell it properly, either.

I'm going to be moving away from purchased motifs, however, as I am never comfortable putting out product that has someone else's artwork on it, even if I'm using it for the exact purpose it was intended.  This means I have to start yet another sketchbook (what a bummer) and draw my own, if I can find a pencil that hasn't been chewed to splinters by the dog.

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