Thursday, July 17, 2014

Personal Time is Over

Yesterday I finished up my second embroidered pillowcase for my own personal use, so it's time to head back into items for the shop.  This was fun, though, and I can totally see embroidered items coming to my shop very soon.  I didn't think embroidery would be as relaxing as knitting or crochet, but the threading of the needle and weaving in ends didn't bother me nearly as much as I thought they would.

Excuse the photo, I was trying to get this taken and uploaded in ten minutes before our internet went kerplonk for the day.  Never, never commit yourself to a two-year contract with a service provider that has a monthly bandwith cap.  Bastards.

And because he's cute, a picture of a much-healthier Mr. Pickles one month after we rescued him from behind a dumpster at hubby's work.

I'm going to be crocheting a trim on the floral pillowcase I did earlier this month.  There are several new workflow processes coming into play... adding my own hemstitching, crocheting onto fabric, etc.  It helps to do it for something personal first to see if I want to add it to items for the shop.  Some things you'll only do for yourself, and are too frustrating or time-consuming to make it feasible for sale items.  The crochet trim might be one of those items.  We'll see.

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