Saturday, May 24, 2008

I feel like a real business woman... finally.

Last weekend I had my first "Oh-my-gosh-they-spent-how-much?" order from my Etsy Shop and it was more than enough to buy a shipment of "replacement" blank roving and some more bottles and things for the dye studio. Well the goodies arrived today. But today was MOM'S DAY OFF, so I did little more than cross-check the invoice against items in the boxes and stowed them away.

It was weird. I've been working my tuckus off for a week, and actually had to MAKE myself take today off. I kept getting antsy and wandering by the dye station. BUT I did manage to make it most of the way through a new book that has been sitting by my bed for a month waiting on me. I only slipped twice, and pulled all my dry yarn down and cleaned the dye station. Otherwise, I did do good and wait until after midnight to wind up a skein.

Dry colors almost ready to go up in the shop: Chocolate-covered Cherry variegate, an orange-green combo to be named later, and some Beth's Roses II in Merino/Bamboo. No new roving at the moment, but that's next. I still have to weigh out and divide up the 80 ounces that arrived today.

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