Friday, May 16, 2008

Yarn overload

Three huge cones of fingering weight sock yarn are now mine. Wheeee! I wound two skeins of 430 yards yesterday for self-striping goodness and I'm exhausted! Something about using a niddy-noddy that makes my shoulders cry for mercy.

I have really got to find a better way of winding skeins for striping. Why is my apartment so freaking SMALL? If I had 15 straight feet to wind between two chairs, I'd do it, dangit!

It also doesn't help that I figured out my yarn yardage counter that was a Mother's day gift A) Counts in feet, not yards, so more math is required and B)Is completely useless when using the big cones of yarn. They're just too heavy and apply too much tension... the yarn keeps wanting to pop right out of the guides. So much for that freaking idea.

On the bright side, the skein of "Beth's Roses" yarn I dyed from my Scout's Warping board turned out really pretty. It's too bad using the thing is so labor-intensive. I could maybe make two skeins of sock yarn a day. Maybe three. After that, my shoulders would hate me. And the stuff would probably still tangle.