Saturday, May 10, 2008

What rhymes with economy?

So, we got our economic stimulus package yesterday. AKA My Small Business Loan. Okay, so I only get a third of it... one-third goes to mini-Di's college fund, one third-goes to Mr-Di's "I think I'm a rock star so I want a fancy guitar" fund, and one third to me. In honor of mother's day I even get an extra something to get myself something nice. :D So after picking myself up a set of KnitPicks Harmony interchangeable needles and a yardage counter, I spent the rest of it on yarn... oh, but not just any yarn. Undyed SOCK yarn. Three different "flavors". On huge HUGE cones. So expect Hullion Fiberworks to expand its offerings sometime within the next two weeks! Whee! Those Trek colorway sock yarns are this much closer to reality.

I got my shipment of roving earlier this week after some kind of weather snafu in Colorado. I've lived in Colorado, so I've seen icy days where people can't drive faster than 4mph before their car starts skidding, but you can't stay home because you work at the Army base hospital and are considered essential personnel. But in MAY? That's the part I have a hard time with. Oh well, it was a day late. But I may have to rethink my policy of only using free shipping, because it takes freakin FOREVER.

At least my bathroom is full of pretty colors again. I should be updating my roving offerings sometime this afternoon, once its all braided and pictures taken.

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