Sunday, June 29, 2008

Diving in... again.

Yes, I'm diving into a new hobby... again. And in my usual style: head-first, no-holds-barred and don't spare the pocketbook! What's the hobby? Silk painting.

Yes, today was payday and I've just ordered over $100 worth of supplies... and yet that was not as many supplies as I wanted to get. Oh, no. I had to restrain myself because the little niblet really, desperately needed a new computer. So, supplies for me, and needed parts for her machine. Fortunately, hubby and I know how to build them so the cost will be minimal on the PC front.

Also, with all the fiber dyes I have on hand, I already have a wide palette of colors to choose from, it's just the knick-nacky things, like stainless steel pushpins, better suited brushes, resist materials, etc. Actually the resists were the priciest part of the purchase, even out-doing the silks by a wide margin, if you include the applicator bottles.

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