Monday, November 2, 2009

Food: Candybar Overload

There are uses for leftover Halloween candy. If you have piles of Twizzlers, gummy bears, or Skittles, I can't help you unless you're asking me to eat them. :P BUT if you have chocolate candy in the mini-snickers or other famous bars arena, consider using them in place of chocolate chips in your favorite cookie recipe.

Take about two and a half cups of mini chocolate bars, run a knife through the pile in a rough chop, and measure. If you have approximately two cups, you're golden. This works with toffee bars, snickers, almond-coconut... I don't think I've had a candy it doesn't work with. Substitute this for the two cups of chips in THAT famous recipe... you know the one. It's on the back of the yellow bag of chips.

It will still go straight to your hips, but at least you'll feel better knowing you got some other food group candidates in with the eating.

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