Friday, November 13, 2009

Television: Convention

This week we saw a few shows get axed, but there are still some strong old favorites left, as well as some new surprises.

"Supernatural" took their love for their fans to the next level with the episode "The Real Ghostbusters". Set at a fan convention for the book series based on Sam and Dean's lives, things get dicey when a real ghost shows up and starts to participate. There are plenty of geeky in-jokes, ribbing, and tender-hearted moments of observation about the brothers' relationship. The episode also brought up a fact previously ignored in the series... that the modern-day prophet who writes the books knows more about the brothers' situations than they themselves do. As someone in the Ravelry fan group for the show said, Sammy needs to pull an all-nighter and go through those books.

V (2009) was good again, accurately capturing the paranoia, manipulative forces, and general... well... accurate slice of humanity present in the original mini-series. Still waiting for a visitor to swallow a live rodent. If there's one visual I remember from the original, THAT was it.

CSI kinda ticked me off this week, with their triple-crossover event. I didn't want to watch them separately, so I saved them all for after the third installment was recorded. I'll watch them this weekend, and maybe next week I'll have some thoughts.

As far as older shows, I recently started watching a new set on DVD called "Saving Grace". I've always loved Holly Hunter, and I've been spotting some other familiar actors along the way including Lemonhead from "The Shield". The one that truly bothered me was Earl, Grace's guardian/last chance before hell angel. I knew I'd seen him before, speaking exactly the same way. Sadly, I had to look it up, and discovered he played a character role on "Star Trek: TNG" as Sonny Clemmons, a 20th century country singer awakened by the crew from a cryogenic freezer. I was tickled pink.

I have finally caught up to where I stopped watching "Stargate: Atlantis" in the fifth season. When I hear of a show's demise, I kind of stop having the heart to watch it anymore, and this was no exception. I was pleased to see Jonathan Frakes with a directing credit on one of the episodes. There were probably more, but I don't often watch the credits as I'm too busy knitting.

Hubby's all-time favorite show, "Legend of the Seeker", started its new season this week, and I swear he's impossible to live with for a day or two afterward. :P The effects and general production value on that show are just stunning. Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia on Buffy and Angel) had a largish role in the season premiere. She looks good in red leather. But then we knew that. :D

As far as the title of this post goes, there is a *real* convention for "Supernatural" this weekend. I don't have any details, but one of the Ravelry group members will be attending. I'm kind of looking forward to hearing her account, and the reaction to her amigurumi versions of Sam, Dean, and Castiel. They're cute.

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