Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gaming: Takophenes is DOWN!

I managed, through a little schmoozing and a little bit of Google usage, to complete ALL the event badges for the Champions Online Blood Moon event. I could handle rescuing zombie heroes, I could handle teaming up for the hero crypts, especially on the Downtown heroes, but the real sticky part was going to be tracking down the Kingpin of the undead... Takophenes.

His spawn timer is 6 hours, 6 minutes, and (one assumes) 6 seconds long. In real time. On each different server. Thank god for the internet and geeks who love tracking statistics (and then sharing them).

Once I found a list of expected spawn times for each "shard" or server, and a player-constructed chat channel, the rest was easy. Listen on the chat channel for whichever server was up next, and wait. I managed to take five of my characters through this frenzy of ice blasts and fireballs, getting the Perk for downing him. I will not bother with my level 6 character, as there's just no way she'd make it through without being stomped into a sticky paste. As it was, two of my level 22 characters died RIGHT at the moment of the Lich's downfall. I got credit, but it was a pain to limp all the way back to the field of battle for my (meager) share of the loot.

I even managed to get this for my new Celestial powerset character, a tiny level 14, but with some healing powers to offset her tiny stature. She was started on Friday, I believe, after I finished the "In Memorium" perk with Ice Princess.

All in all, Cryptic has delivered in my opionion. While the PvP elements of the event were annoying, they were not as grief-ridden as in other MMORPGs I've played. The only time I was truly annoyed was when I found out I'd have to start all over on the "Kill 100" quests because the tokens for being a Werewolf or a Were-hunter were on a timer. I mean, really? I'm supposed to do this in one sitting? What if no-one is playing?

Other than that, it was a satisfying event.

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