Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gaming: Free-ness

As of today, the LotRO servers are going down for a big patch.  Not only are they adding the content for Book III, Chapter 2, but today is the day the anticipated/dreaded (by some) free-to-play business model goes into effect.  What does that mean?  Anybody can play... well, anyone with a computer and a broadband connection. 

I have this vision of some homeless guy spending six hours in the library doing a raid on the library in the game.  Though most libraries are on dial-up, yes?  Not good for gaming. 

I'm anxious to see what's going on with the paid-points trading system for in-game items.  Since we all went lifetime-membership some time ago, we're permanent VIP members, with 500 free "Turbine points" a month., Turbine being the name of the game company.  Supposedly, if we save up our points, we can use them for expansion packs, in-game items, and the like.  I'm very curious to see how far 500 points will take you.

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