Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gaming: Way Behind

Despite the fact that Dead Rising 2 is out today, I am NOT playing it.  No, instead I'm catching up on old titles that I bought, but have been sitting in my cupboard, still in the shrink wrap.  Like Dead Space.  I'm a bit of a moron that way. 

Ah, well, I'd be sitting and obsessing over when the UPS man was going to get here.  And then of course, instead of being one of the days where he shows up early, like 10:30 am when I'm still on my first pot of coffee, it'd be one of the days where he shows up at 4:30 and in a surly mood.

I'm pretty glad that I finally gave Alan Wake a go.  Not only did my interest peak while the Limited edition was on sale for only $6 more than the regular edition, it is one of the few games that was interesting enough for me to want to continue past the first play-through.  I like the stories in a game or movie or TV show... once I know the story, I'm usually done with it, having sucked it dry of every imaginative premise.   Only Alan Wake and an unknown gem called The Darkness (based on a comic-book character) have been worth a second play-through for me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some space zombies to track down.

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