Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Knitting and Handicrafts: Farmer Joe

I've been neglecting my knitting this past week, partly because my back doesn't like me sitting in one place for very long, and partly because I've been sewing.  I'd been promising my hubster a jean jacket for winter for the last six months, and had the fabric for five.  Halloween is coming, so I knew it was time to get it done.

The pattern came in sixteen pieces.  I pinned it out on Sunday, started sewing on Monday, and finished up putting on the buttons yesterday afternoon while catching up on "The Totally Rad Show" on the Roku.  I probably could have been done in one day if I didn't have to get up and move around every half hour.

I had switched knitting focus anyway... I've been trying to finish up my stripey Tang sweater.  For one, I wanted it off the needles, and two, I want to start the "Favorite Cardigan" from the same book to use up the last of my luxury yarn I bought when Barry got a bonus earlier this year.  It's the Rowan Summer Tweed, and it's 30% silk, and I've been dying to use it.  I got bored with the Big Red Tights.  I knew when I started that they'd be the equivalent of four pairs of socks, but I didn't think it'd be *that* boring.  I should have done them in colorwork, with fancy bands of pattern.  But then they wouldn't be wearable, in my opinion.  Younger gals could maybe get away with big, fat stripes across their legs, but not me.

I really want to make my Halloween costume this year, but the patterns I have are old ones bought on sale, and they were apparently written in cooperation with some lace manufacturer who has since gone out of business, because I can't find their lace anywhere online and nothing even remotely compatible.  It's a 3-style pattern, where you can make either a gypsy, princess, or shepherdess costume.  Apparently they all wear corsets and yards of lace.  Who knew?  I was going to do the shepherdess thing... It's got a Bavarian bar-maid kind of feel to it, but 10 yards for the two layers of skirt alone?  Oy.  Even with discount fabrics we're talking the start of a $50 costume.  It would be handy if I ever went home for Oktoberfest, though.

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