Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Knitting: Long Arms II: The Revenge

 I am in Texas and it is 28° degrees outside!  Don't tell me I don't need to knit!  If there's a typo in here, it's because my fingers are still frozen.

Still working on the arms of my Lusekofte sweater, but at least the end is in sight... I've started on the steek portion that joins the arms that is cut apart later before they are sewn into the body.

I'm sorry the pictures are so crappy.  I'm still trying to find a decent light-diffusion apparatus for my picture taking, and until then it's crappy built-in flash photography.  What you're seeing here is the cuff at the lower right, then the main part of the sleeve, and then the color work that makes up the upper arm and shoulder.  What looks like stripes in the middle of the top edge is the steek portion that will be cut to separate the sleeves.  Since this is part of Knit Pick's History of Knitting kit series, I will assume that this is how the old Norwegian ladies constructed their sweaters, but wow.  It is not easy.

I'm knitting on two nickel plated Options circulars, size 4.  It's gotten a lot more fun since I started the colorwork.  I have a feeling the main body of the sweater is going to be boring and slow, but at least the finishing will be interesting.

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