Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Knitting: I must have really long arms...

... because these Lusekofte sleeves are taking forEVER.  Also, I upped the number of rounds between increase rounds by double, and I *still* think I might have to do more plain knit rounds at the top than is called for.  I feel like an Orangutan.  It might be time to check for errata, or double-check my gauge.

Excuse the coffee mug splotch in the middle.  The splotch-less shot came out blurry.
  I've completed one Knotty glove.  I'm using Knit Picks Stroll yarn, and while the ribbing sucks in an incredible amount, the hand in plain stockinette is huge.  I could easily take an inch off in stitches and it would still be loose on me.  Since my daughter asked for a pair, I will definitely do that on hers.  I did not have the usual, holey problem on the fingers I do with most gloves.  The pattern seems well-designed to avoid that... kudos!

Zero progress on the afghans.  I just haven't been in a crocheting mood, I guess.  Doesn't stop me from having five skeins of yarn, in the various afghan colors, parked next to my spot on the couch at all times.  They're mocking me with their half-collapsed states.  It's annoying.

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