Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Knitting: Still Chugging away...

Still have the same three main projects in my lineup.  The Lusekofte sweater, the Chroma U-Pick socks, and the Chroma Worsted U-Pick Equinox Raglan top.

Mostly I have been trying to chug away at the socks to get them finished and out of the way.  Apparently there is an enormous amount of interest in the Chroma yarns on Ravelry, since I've been contacted several times about its qualities.  I promised that I would keep the photos on them updated so they could see how the yarn behaves.  Now that I got some decent lights for my photo area, I'll be less reluctant to take progress pictures.

I have not touched the Lusekofte for a while, but I've gotten to the sleeve/body division on the Equinox.  The one thing that I do not like about the Chroma yarn as a replacement for Noro Kureyon is that the color changes are too evenly spaced.  If Kureyon wasn't so darn scratchy with all that mohair content, I'd just stick with it.  The Noro Taiyo line is a nice alternative, but at $15 for a 200 yard skein, I'm not using that to make a sweater any time soon.  It does make a lovely rendition of Rose Tyler's scarf from the "Boomtown" episode of Doctor Who.

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