Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Knitting: Progress Report

Entering the home stretch on the Lusekofte Sweater...  I've almost hit the armpits.  Hopefully, despite Knit Pick's usual awkward wording on their patterns, I'll be able to decipher the arm scyes and the neck placket.

I've been getting maybe eight to sixteen rounds of the sleeve done each night on the Equinox Raglan.  That's about what I can handle while watching Star Trek: TNG before bed.  You can see here how the very regular, evenly spaced dye stripes on the Chroma Worsted yarn makes this type of project look slightly ridiculous.  Get to the sleeves and they groooooooow.  I'm expecting someone to say, "My, what big arms you have!".  The tacked-on Gramma afterward is implied, even though I haven't been bestowed with that one... yet.

I am tempted to do a second Equinox with some Noro Silk garden I still have, but I know I'll never wear it because that stuff is scratchy and nasty.  In fact I think the only appropriate garment to be made from it that wouldn't make me itch like crazy is big, slouchy leg warmers.  Worn over the pants and boots, kickin' it 80's style.

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