Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Knitting: One Down Plus

One sweater down!  With the help of Smallville Seasons 2 and 3, I finally finished the Equinox Raglan sweater.  The yarn is really soft and yummy.  Unfortunately I can't recommend the Chroma yarn for socks... after barely a week the bottoms are starting to pill and felt.

Anyhoo, here's a look at the Equinox, and sorry but I did NOT feel like clearing space for my photography setup, so once again, glaring flash version:

It needs blocking, but I was so inspired by finishing the thing that I took the skein and a half of the worsted I had left and crocheted a skinny scarf in about a day:

I am also finding new inspiration on the Lusekofte.  The progress is slow, but sure.

I can still only make it about four rounds before my brain gives up and says "Can we just zone out to the TV now?" or it wants me to go check out Facebook again.  What you see in the picture above is the body and bottom of the shoulders. The vertical stripes on the left side are where I will cut to sew in the sleeves.  It's called a "steek" and there are three of them on this sweater.  One for each arm, and the neck closure.  I still haven't decided if I'm going with a short zipper or the traditional hook clasps.  I have several clasps on hand  and I don't remember if I bought them with this in mind, or another project.  If you want to see those, they're here: