Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knitting: Socks are done

Well the U-Pick Chroma socks are finally finished.  I could have gone another inch on them, but I a) wanted to get them off my freakin' needles and b) it's probably a good idea to save a wide swath for mending any holes if they crop up.

Now it will be back to the Lusekofte Norwegian sweater, the worsted Chroma Equinox Raglan top, and if I can motivate myself, the Lafayette afghan and the all-cotton afghan I started a billion years ago.

My knitting speed is kind of directly proportional to how much TV I have to watch.  Coming out of a mid-season hellatus (that's the hiatus from HELL as coined by the gals in the Supernatural Ravelry group) I did not knit as much as I could have.  I was really scrounging for shows at the end there... I *ahem* acquired the full series of "The Invisible Man" and "Threshold" to tide me over.  I'm rather sad these shows didn't make it.  Threshold especially had that Fringesque, X-Filesy quality that could have been really great.

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  1. Those are so pretty. I'm digging the Chroma colors.