Monday, March 28, 2011

Cooking: Pullman

Are you like me?  Do you save the half of your sandwich that's shaped like a perfect triangle for last because it's your favorite?  Then you'll love this.

I recently tried the recipe for Pain de Mie in my bread machine.  I loved the texture of the loaf, but it wasn't until I made it in the traditional pan, known as a Pullman pan here in the states, that I realized what great bread it really is.

The Pullman creates a perfectly square-shaped loaf of bread by using a lid that attaches firmly to the top of the pan.  As the dough rises, it fills all the corners, so what you end up with is a perfect equal square when you slice it.  So if you like the triangles, as I do, or have kids that want the crusts cut off, try a Pullman pan and this recipe from King Arthur Flour:

If you prefer a softer crust, then I recommend tipping the loaf out of the pan as directed in the recipe, but then wrapping it in a tea towel or other clean, lint-free towel until it's cool.  This will trap the steam and  soften the crust.


  1. Oooh, a food post. It's been a bit since you've blogged one of these.

    But where's my picture of this perfect loaf? Haruumph.

  2. My hungry self sliced it before I thought of taking pictures and blogging about it, lol.