Monday, September 19, 2011

Food: Banana Mania

Caitlin, who loves Doctor Who, has been on a banana kick (along with celery, it's a Whovian thing that would take too long to explain here).  Last time hubby took her to the grocery store, he came back with two huge bunches.  They were slightly green, so he planned well, she just did not have the fortitude to plow through quite that many bananas before they went to mush.

So enter frugal mom and her banana bread.

My grandmother had an awesome recipe for banana bread that used sour cream in it, and had some kind of sugar/nut mixture for the top.  It was always the moistest, most delicious bread I ever had, but when we went to visit her on vacation, we couldn't find it in her big old archive of recipes.  Bummer.

So I went digging on and I found this one.  I doubled the recipe.  It's very close, but instead of the sour cream, I added two six-ounce containers of greek yogurt.  Instead of the creaming method to blend, I melted the butter and mixed everything all at once.

I have a large number of silicone cupcake cups in various shapes, and this would easily fill several dozen of them.  However, I only made 12 of the muffins and used the rest of the batter to fill four mini-loaf pans.  This way I could freeze two of the loaves, and save the rest.

I baked the muffins for 15 minutes, the mini-loaves for 40.

No pictures... sorry Iggystar, I *am* trying, but I'm just not a food photographer.  :D

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  1. You totally read my mind!

    Bananas are my favorite fruit. I think I'll try to bake more as it get's cooler and that recipe sounds really good!