Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Cleaning Already??

So... my husband goes out to go to a meeting last night around 7 and notices that there's a notice stuck to our door. Apparently the apartment people got a wild hair (or possibly a citation related to some building code violation) and decided that NOW was the time to install fire extinguishers in every apartment.

Well, this is appalling news to me, as I am the world's WORST housekeeper. And I live with the world's two biggest slobs. So we're frantically cleaning, and as I straighten the afghans on the back of the couch I manage to notice just HOW much fiber, yarn, and fiberly pursuit related (excuse my french in advance) crap has taken over my end of the couch. For some reason (Ravelry) I pulled out all of my stash and it has now gravitated to the end of the couch where the window and the best lamp is. Granted, I do not have a humongous stash, but it's three boxes worth of stuff. Big enough to trip over, anyway.

So I've decided I'm going to sell off all my jewelry-making inventory and move my stash there. Hah! That's my idea of spring cleaning.

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