Sunday, March 16, 2008

This is why I hate birthdays...

No, it's not the getting older part (although that doesn't help) or being reminded of my own mortality... it's my freakin' stingy husband!

We've been married over ten years now, and we've tried all kinds of scenarios for gift-giving. I've let him surprise me (50/50 success rate), I've given him a list and told him to pick however many items (80 percent success rate), I've picked my own gift and told him to pay for it (100% success rate, but then it's not really a gift).

This year for my birthday, I want a spinning wheel and they're kinda spendy, so I told him what I wanted and that I would save my "mad money" budget for the required number of paydays to pay for half, and he could pick up the other half.

Well, today when I gave him an update on my saving progress and mentioned that I'd have it by next payday, but we could wait two paydays if it would take him that long to come up with his share of $400.

He actually paused his game, set down the wireless 360 controller, looked at me and said, "[expletive deleted], how much does this thing cost?!?" Did he not listen when I told him this six weeks ago? Probably not. Am I hopping mad? You betcha.

At this rate if I saved all my budget from now until the payday before my birthday, I would have the money on my own. Is that the point? No. The point is that he should *want* to buy me a gift, and recognize the spending cuts I have been taking to facilitate the purchase of this extra-expensive gift.

I'm tempted to just buy the thing on my own and treat him to stony silence for at least a week. >:(

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  1. Lol, men really are from Mars aren't they?

    I remember telling my then hubby that I wanted earrings badly. I mean basically telling him to go buy some as a "just because" present.

    The next day he gets home, tells me he has a surprise for me and was dumfounded that the Toll House cookies he'd bought weren't greeted with joy. He actually...did not..get it.