Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Majesty of Space Bags

In our tiny apartment, I've been getting that crazed, overcrowded feeling that makes me cranky. In an effort to reorganize better, I started taking my roving inventory out of the clear plastic Rubbermaid tubs and packing them into Space Bags... those storage system bags you see on TV that you suck all the air out of? Such total life savers! They were made for items whose bulk is mostly made of air. My entire inventory is now the size of a travel garment bag. Very awesome. And testing shows that the roving bounces right back once open, even after prolonged storage.

I think my whole personal stash is going to go this route too.

I have finally finished Clue #1 of the Mystic Rose knit-along shawl. Kept going straight into Clue #2. It seems essentially the same as one, just wider. I've made a crap-ton of mistakes that I will NOT rip back to fix, however I may make another one at a later time in a different yarn. Not right away though. I've discovered that I NEED a mindless, no-chart-needed knitting project to go with my complex ones, otherwise my brain tries to shut itself down.

I have not gotten much further on the Silk Roses roving I am spinning. I did a little of it yesterday, but since I've been trying to catch up on the shawl, I have not been spinning much since I started it. I do want to get it spun up before I order my loom for my birthday. That's going to happen sometime later this week.

Two rovings were posted to my shop last week, along with some new stitch markers. I have a couple more sets of stitch markers coming too... the coordinated sets of Czech fire-polished glass beads make for some lovely sets.

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