Thursday, April 23, 2009

Starting Over!

My husband is a finicky gamer-boy. He has certain expectations in his games... how a character progresses, how certain accomplishments are achieved, etc. The single-most heard cry from his office (besides "F*#$ this game!") is "I'm starting over!" If his game doesn't go just *so*, he basically reboots it.

I had a similar experience yesterday when I got my birthday gift, the 32" Kromski Harp loom. Once I put it together (withOUT the supposedly included assembly DVD... thanks PF!) it took me a few hours to warp it up. Once I did, I did a few throws and noticed I'd threaded the heddle incorrectly. At first I thought I could live with it (I'd skipped a slot) but as the piece grew, that one line of double threads in the same direction seemed to mock me.

So I cut my first few inches off the loom (perhaps this is what is really meant by the phrase "loom waste"?) and retied it after straightening out the threading. Here's the progress so far:

Despite the fact that I don't have the stand, and the standing over the loom on my low dyeing table has made my back start screaming for mercy, weaving is addictive. I know, I know... some of y'all could have told me that. But I haven't felt this kind of need to "do just one more before I stop!" since the last really good RPG I played.

I think, though, I'm now in a good enough position that I won't feel the need to shout "I'm starting over!" any time soon.


  1. I've been waiting for this post. :) Ok, I love it so far. Did you video some of this? Sweeeeet!

  2. So glad I'm not alone in the weaving addiction. Be careful though. Since I've fallen in love with weaving, I've decided that this years B-day present is going to be a floor loom. Weaving is very addictive.

    I'm loving how we become closer and closer to craft twins with each new adventure.

    I hope you decide to video some of your weaving soon.

  3. I'm already starting to wish that a 4-harness loom was within our financial means... I keep dreaming up ways I could rig up my own floor pedals for my Kromski. :D And there is so much literature out there for 4-H looms.

    I may get to video taping soon... but I'm such a noob at it! My selvages are really wonky.