Monday, April 6, 2009

This week on Hullion Artworks...

Until sales pick up a bit, I'm scaling back production. Don't worry! I'll still endeavor to create blogs on a regular basis, but I don't like having more than three pages of Etsy listings. Until old stock moves, I don't move... or something less stubborn-sounding. :D

We're still planning a vacation in July. Grandpa Ken is not getting better, unfortunately, and Gramma sounds lonely and a little scattered, so no matter what the money situation is, we're going to have to get up there. I keep worrying we're going to have to go up early to attend services, if you know what I mean. :( He hasn't been the same since he fell off the roof four years ago trying to replace his own shingles.

There is stuff in the drying room. A new batch of "Wicked Candy" roving which turned out with more white than I like, and a new colorway that was *supposed* to have teal, red, and purple in it. Unfortunately the yellow part of the teal decided not to stick, so it's royal blue. We'll see how that looks when it's dry. Right now I feel like I've got Superman's pajamas on the line.

Still plugging away at the Mystic Roses Shawl... on clue #1! It's almost 100 rows in the first clue, I don't know how people are keeping up with these things. It's gotten large enough that it's taking me an entire hour-long episode of a TV show to knit one row and purl back! I'm also making slow progress on spinning up my Silk Roses roving, although my ankles were protesting yesterday.

At this rate I am never going to get back to my Scorched socks. :/ Or get to hubby's red "Fish Hat" before summer hits.

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  1. I hope things get better for Grandpa Ken (and Gramma too).