Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Knitting: The Crack of Doom

After Katrina happened, we were living off of rental furniture.  The first thing we rented was this huge sleeper sofa because we couldn't afford to rent two beds as well.  We ended up keeping it, mostly I think because we didn't want to have to haul it back to the store. 

This thing is enormous, and comes in two sections... very heavy sections.  There's the bed section, and then it turns a corner in an L shape, much like an attached chaise.  At this point in the couch, where the two parts join, there's a dividing line we call the "crack of doom".  If things fall down there, it's going to take an act of congress to get it back.  And where do you think my favorite knitting spot is?  On the chaise section.  It's next to both a light and a window, and dammit, it's comfy.  It demands a heavy price though....  I'm sure when we move I will find a bazillion and one knitting needles, cable needles, pens, tapestry needles, and quite possibly Al Capone under there.

Anyway... knitting.  I finished the Vanity sweater, so named for the color of the Rowan summer tweed yarn I made it from.  I'm not terribly happy with it.  The cotton/silk blend makes for a very loose knit, even though I went down a needle size.  The ribbing is floppy and has no "pull" to it.  I also did not understand the way the author wanted us to construct the button holes. 

The Big Red Tights are up to the knees, but I'm not enthusiastic about those right now.

After the Vanity was finished, I started in on the Andean Chullo hat kit I got from Knit Picks.  I love the look of colorwork items, but man, I hate knitting them.  My floats are always too tight and picking the different colors with every other stitch makes for slooooow going.  Like I'm not frustrated enough with the speed of my knitting.

The crack of doom nearly took my Chullo hat yesterday though.  If I disappear for more than a week, send my hubby an email and tell him to pull the couch apart... I may have fallen down in there.


  1. Ok, I might be loopy from some cold meds, but when I first looked at those tights I thought it was a knitted codpiece, you know that that guy wears in Cameo? Word up.

    Crack of doom, lol. Perhaps you'll find so buried treasure down there too!

  2. Hahaha... actually, I didn't put a picture of the tights up yet... they're just two leg warmers at this point since I'm working from the ankles up. The codpiece looking thing is the Chullo hat. The pointy part is an earflap.

    But seriously... LOL