Saturday, October 30, 2010

Television: Freaky

... and not in a wholesome, cutesy Freaky Friday way. 

Stargate: Universe threw us into Lt. Scott's subconscious by way of the episode "Cloverfield".  How sweet that he wants to marry Chloe, that he sees his Colonel as a father figure... it's too bad he knows something's up with Chloe and that dangerous alien DNA she's carrying.

Supernatural is getting rough.  Sam is just wicked wrong right now, and despite my best efforts I got a spoiler for next week dumped in my lap.  Look people, there's a REASON I don't watch the previews, goddammit.  Stop blabbing them.  Anyhoo, props to newlywed Jared for some fine acting... nice use of subtle facial expressions man.

We are behind on Modern Family, No Ordinary Family, Glee, and any of the other shows we watch with hubby.  Band concert this week kind of cut into our family evenings.  I'm rather glad though that my "manly" husband will sit down and watch Glee with us... I think the high ratio of Journey and Billy Joel did a lot for that.  Now if we could get them off that damned Lady Gaga thing... I just have very little respect for techno pop where half the instrumentation is turn-a-dial-and-push-a-button.  Learn to read sheet music and play a fucking instrument!

Ahem.  Yeah, I'm a music snob.

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