Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Knitting: Resurgence

I've gotten back my knitting mojo... with a vengeance.  I'm currently on the lower edge ribbing for the "Favorite Cardigan" whereas this time last week I had not even cast it on.  In about three inches of ribbing, I'll be on the sleeves and then done.  Of course I'm kind of slow on sleeves... we'll see how it goes.

Obviously, or maybe not, this means I finished the "Stripey Tang" sweater.  I decided not to steek it, and went easy on the collar, instead of making it very long for a folded turtleneck.  Yes, I wanted to finish it more than I wanted it to look just "so", why do you ask?  :D

Once the Favorite Cardigan is finished, I might finally start those orange and black striped socks I've been meaning to make for the past two years.  Possibly in time for Halloween, not that they'd go with my outfit, but hey... they're 50% silk and the orange is a discontinued color from Knitpicks (yes, big surprise) so I'll at least feel special wearing them down to the bus stop under my kick ass boots.

My husband wore his Fish Hat to work today.  I'm not sure whether to be pleased and flattered, or just embarrassed for him.

I just bought a three-shelf organizer for the front entryway (which would imply that there's a back entryway, which there's not... dunno, I'm weird).  It does NOT fit three of the recommended cloth drawers in it, only two, but I've designated one drawer for hats and another for gloves and mittens, clearing up a bunch of space on the back of the door, where I'd been hanging a cloth shopping bag full of said items.  It's a stackable, modular style thing, so I can probably order more pieces and add to it.  Hopefully there's a piece that would do for hanging coats and such.

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