Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Knitting: Change of Plans

Well, I did NOT start my Norwegian Sweater during the Thanksgiving festivities.  I started feeling guilty about starting something for myself when I have relatives in Minnesota freezing their butts off.  SO...  I'm knitting other stuff, but I can't talk about it.  Yep, they read my blog.

Don't you hate it when people do that?  Announce they have a secret and don't spill it, not reading my blog.

Knitpicks, of course, had this HUGE sale... 40% off... on the holiday weekend starting with cyber Monday.  Do I have any money left to take advantage?  Heck no.  All spent on presents already thanks to some nifty Black Friday deals on Amazon.  Oh, there was such a lot of very, very pretty sock and lace yarn... some at less than $2 a skein.  Can you hear the whimpering all the way over where you are?  Yup, you should.

Ah well, I shall put it all on my wish list and cross my fingers.

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