Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Knitting: Beware the Lusekofte

Well, I cast on the kit for the red Lusekofte Norwegian sweater... finally.  Unfortunately, I am a complete idiot because I didn't realize from the very vague wording in the instructions that *both* sleeves are meant to be knitted at the same time, meeting at the shoulder, and knitted together for the purposes of steeking them later.

So here is the start of the second sleeve.  The first sleeve is about 6" past the cuff up the arm, so when I catch the second one up, I'll be good.  I think.  The plain maroon part you see there is the inner cuff facing.  I think if I were to do this over again (and I might in another color) I will go down two needle sizes for the facing, instead of one, as my stranded colorwork pulls in a LOT more than I think it's supposed to.  It's not puckered, it's just rather tight.  Tight enough that the facing seems larger by comparison.

I also cast on a pair of Knotty Gloves for bedside knitting.  I have just WAY too much sock yarn, and the Summer Blooms was already wound into a cake from my failed attempt at the Ulmus Rectangle.  The second attempt.  It's a cool pattern, I just seem to have trouble finding yarns that don't make it look clownish.  So far I have most of a cuff.  I would do them two at a time, but I find that knitting from both the inside and the outside of a yarn cake gets really twisty, and beside is not the place to dangle and untwist it.

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