Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Knitting: We're On a Break!

Channeling my inner Ross and Rachel, I'm taking a break from knitting.  Before the break though, I did manage to finish the Zauber Tote in the Chroma Pegasus yarn:

I'm currently on a quest to do 30 unique pairs of earrings JUST FROM MY BEAD STASH.  Some, obviously, are going to be more "unique" than others since I have assortments of various beads in the same shape but different colors.  They're going to be trickling up onto my Etsy site as I go, and as I take decent pictures of them.  Shipping will be free... it won't be fast, but it will be free as I've figured the cost of postage into the price.  It still amazes me that people will buy a $14 pair of earrings with free shipping, but won't buy the same pair that's $10 with $2 shipping.  Boggles the mind.

After the earrings, I will also be doing 30 bracelets and 30 necklaces, and if I get really wild, I might dip into rings.  Maybe.  My ring mandrel is cheap and flimsy, and I'm not sure how accurate it is.  Do you think the Bureau of Weights and Measures checks something like that?  Anyway, I want a steel one.  Some dapping blocks and new hammers wouldn't be bad either.

Silver has gotten inSANEly expensive.  I am tempted to send in all my silver beads and wire for money.... to Rio Grande, not some fly-by-night TV thing.

What has inspired my jewelry quest, you ask?  We are moving out of this teeny apartment this year if it kills me.  Every year we put it off, and this place just gets smaller and more run down.  I want my own house again, dammit!  I want to plant tomatoes in the back yard and watch them die because I suck at gardening!  I want to be able to take my garbage can outside and hose it off when someone misses the bag and gets something nasty all over it.  I want to be able to put up pictures without worrying about the walls... much.  And most of all, I want to be able to run my jewelry tools in the middle of the DAY without some idiot pounding on the wall.

So the quest for earrings is really a Quest for a House.  I hope you enjoy watching my progress.

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  1. "Quest for a House", that sounds epic! I totally understand though, my days are number in our current living situation. It might still be a two years down the line, but I must get out of our neighborhood!