Saturday, November 6, 2010

Television: What rhymes with "Screwed"?

We finally got some answers this week on Supernatural.  There is going to be some speculation on my part and some SPOILERS if you didn't watch the episode last night.  Consider yourself warned.  I'll also be discussing some other shows in a more general fashion, so if you want to skip ahead to those paragraphs, I won't be offended.

Supernatural finally told us what the weirdness is with Sammy, Samuel, and those freaky cousins of theirs.  I TOLD them quite loudly a while ago that they should have burned Crowley's bones when they had the chance.  Did they listen?  NO.  Idiots.  Now he's holding Sammy's soul hostage, and has some kind of leverage over Samuel (and can I just interject how stupid it is to bring back one of the relatives the boys are named after?  Having two Sams is confusing... Gah!).  My private guess is that both Sam and Samuel were brought back without a soul, but Sammy's soul is the one currently in Samuel... Samuel was a demon when he was killed.  I'm betting his soul is long gone.  And I'm thinking the leverage Crowley has on Samuel has something to do with Mary, they boys' mother. 

Okay, enough spoilers and speculation.

Stargate: Universe is chugging right along.  Our unhappy soap-opera in space didn't have any trips through the stargate, but plenty of romantic side-trips, discussions of babies, divorce decrees, and secrets and lies.  It's starting to piss me off.  You know, I don't care if the ship's computer can run battle simulations in the colonel's dreams... it was one big "Groundhog's Day" episode, without the funny.  My god, I'm ready for them to bring back the fugly aliens, and I really didn't like those guys.

Graham Norton has started a new season... check your BBCA listings (or your equivalent if you're not in the US) for details.  He has quite a few American actors on his show, which is surprising.  I don't get all of the political satire, but his bashing on Amy Winehouse is funny.

I like the addition of Sela Ward to the CSI: NY cast.  She's always been fun to watch in any of her roles, and her current one as a transplanted Virginian scientist in New York is cute and sassy.  I'm hoping Mac finally has a love interest that isn't going to run off on him.

I feel unqualified to comment on the Rocky Horror Glee show, since I must be one of the few people who has only seen it on DVD.  I did get the joke Sue told about throwing toast, but other than that I was pretty much lost.

I have a lot more shows I watch, but I think that's enough for this week. 

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