Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fun: Once again, it's MDO

I posted this in a group on Ravelry for a friend, and I decided that, yes, I don't talk about this enough.  Here it is, extracted from the group:

Let me once again extoll the virtues of my own, made up day called “Mom’s Day Off”.

We chose Fridays because hubby gets every other Friday off mandatory (something to do with work hours and overtime), but whatever day would work for you, go for it.

First and foremost, MOM DOES NOT COOK ON MOM’S DAY OFF. So dads must plan accordingly. It cannot be pizza every Friday, because frankly, who can afford that? It also cannot be Ramen noodles, or soup from a can. If he’s desperate, a broasted chicken with salad greens in a bag will do. NO FAST FOOD. If you can cook six days a week, he can manage one day.

Second, MOM DOES NOT GET THE KID ON THE BUS ON MOM’S DAY OFF. Mom gets to sleep in, or that was the plan. Unfortunately hubby is deaf as a post from the Navy, so I will wake up long enough to get him moving, but that is it. Since you stay at home and homeschool, you might be better off picking a Saturday or telling hubby to take the kids somewhere educational on a field trip on one of his days off, if he gets one. Like the museum. Or a waterslide park as long as he talks about fluid dynamics, gravity, or other sciencey stuff.

Third, MOM DOES NOT GET ASKED TO REFEREE ON MOM’S DAY OFF. No, there will be no “Mom, she started it!”. Hold up your hand and say “Take this to your father.” I do not have to deal with this one, but I’m sure you do, and I will tell you that it is essential to a successful MDO.
I also recommend having plans for your “Mom” time, such as a manicure, long luxurious bath with a LOCKED DOOR, or something similar that will make you feel human (or undead if you’re a vampire) again.

Just like with oxygen masks on a crashing airplane, you CANNOT take care of your family unless you take care of yourself first. You’re no good to them if you go bonkers or fall over from exhaustion, or snap from lack of privacy.

Sorry for the shouty bits, but believe me, MDO has saved my life and my marriage. Probably sanity too.

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